Exceptional experiences can now start before a guest walks through your door

With GFT Clouds management and sales tools you can grow your revenues and customer loyalty with ease & elegance.

Develop your direct online revenue

Create new revenue streams for your property. You can create front of mind moments through your own promotions to your existing database, as well as marketing to new potential guests in your target market.

Earn ongoing customer loyalty

A powerful in house tool to earn ongoing customer loyalty with a bespoke gifting solution as well as exceptional customer service when circumstances warrant going the extra mile.

Curated experiences for your followers

Provide your followers with exclusive, branded, carefully crafted experiences for your F&B calendar, or seasonal promotions. Schedule promotions to go live for a limited time with a limited number of vouchers available - or an uncapped ongoing promotion.

Deliver an omni-channel hotel experience

Create consistent vouchers for marketing promotions, front of house sales or service recovery that align with your digital vouchers sold through your own eCommerce platform. Truly delivering an omni-channel hotel experience.

Share moments with your guests

Invest in delivering curated experiences that will preserve and strengthen your brand equity by activating your greatest ambassadors to share their favourite experiences from your hotel with gift vouchers that they can share with their loved ones to celebrate milestones.