In House Management Portal

Have complete control over your content and inventory items, keeping your brand guidelines in place, fast changes, instant updates.

Catalogue Setup

Manage your inventory and keep your brand aligned using your own inhouse admin portal.

Monetary Vouchers

Sell currency based vouchers for each cost center. Configure minimum price and increment values.

Experience Vouchers

Promote your hotels experiences & events by managing all your copy and brand guidelines in house.

Image Setup

Upload and manage images for your inventory items. Updates instantly on all channels.

Channel Management

Decide when and where you would like to distribute your inventory items, you have complete control.

Publish to your own site

Sell items via your inhouse, customised ecommerce platform, generating additional online revenue.

Allow purchase at Point of Sale

Sell experiences to guests at your front desk. Allocate payment to cash, card or room account.

Issue as Complimentary

Manage complimentary vouchers for promotions, prizes, service recovery or internal incentives.

Reporting and Insight

Keep on top of your finances with reports and insight into sales and system information.

Checkout Status

View the latest checkouts or check if customers have not completed their purchase.

Failed Transaction Report

Assist customers having trouble completing payments, all transactions are recorded.

Email Tracking

All your system activity at your fingertips. Search for emails sent and if they were opened by the recipient.

Sales Reports

Financial reports for all your experience and monetary vouchers sold & their state.

Complimentary Liabilities

What vouchers have been issued as a complimentary and which are still unredeemed.

Future Reporting Capabilities

All activity data is retained and any new report can be built, including historical data.

Security and Audits

Control access to your management portal. You have full insight into your historical system and user activity.

User Accounts and Permissions

Create accounts and grant permissions to users to perform certain actions.

Secure Login and Tracing

Users login securely to access the management portal, all logins are tracked.

User Activity Log

Any actions performed by your users are logged for auditing and accountability purposes.

Website Customisation

Keep aligned with your brand guidelines and cost centers. You have complete autonomy over your site's setup.

Outlet / Cost Centre Management

Setup your hotel divisions or outlets: spa, shop, restaurants & more. You can even sell for your third party providers.

Menus and SEO Setup

Setup your site menus and links, helping with your site SEO & giving flexibility to adjust settings in the future.

Look and Feel

Your website can be set up to match your brand guidelines. Manage your logo, brand colours and custom fonts.